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How Chinese Cupping Therapy Works –Cupping pulls the skin and tissues up and away from the body. Unlike Acupressure or massage therapy, which compresses muscles and tissues, cupping therapy decompresses by gently pulling tissues outward. This creates space, boosts circulation, tones skin and tissues, and helps move lymphatic system!

cupping1Plus, it feels fantastic. People receiving cupping therapy often comment that it feels like they just received a deep tissue massage.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping was frequently used to relieve respiratory congestion by using cups across the chest ,releases. Almost anywhere on the body, cupping can be used to:

  • cleanses the body from toxins
  • boost circulation
  • enhance tissue flexibility
  • move fluids that might otherwise be stagnant*

I use therapeutic cups that are made from silicone and are safe to use almost anywhere on the body, including the legs, back, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, wrists, ankles and even your face.

Now, after thousands of years of rigid cups, advanced materials have allowed us to create flexible silicone cups with extraordinary advantages. They’re virtually unbreakable, portable and pliable. Most importantly, you can easily control the degree of suction by simply squeezing the cups more firmly or gently, depending on your preference. This materials breakthrough combines modern science with an ancient healing art, bringing you the best of both worlds.